The 3 Best Generators For Midwest Summer Weather

If you live in the midwest, you know our seasons are extreme. This season though, we’re experiencing some of the highest temperatures in recorded history. So if you’re worried that your home will be left without AC due to an extreme weather event, it’s time to think about equipping your home with a generator. We’ve compiled our three favorite models that keep you cool this summer and warm in the winter.


Generac makes some of the leading products in the generator game. So when it comes to a product that is powerful, smaller in size, and even wi-fi enabled, look no further. Today we’re going to highlight the Guardian 26k Generator, and its benefits include:

  • It takes up 68% less space while outputting 2.6 times the generating power when compared to models of similar size.
  • This model uses Generac’s G-Force Engine that comes pressure-lubricated. With each use of the generator, the machine comes with the capability to meet high demands, which means less maintenance for you and ultimately more money in your pocket.
  • With Quiet-Test™ Self-Test Mode enabled, this model runs quieter and consumes less fuel when compared to other models of this size.

While these aren’t the only features that make this model great for running your home in the event of an emergency this summer, you can rest assured with this behind you!

Briggs & Stratton

Moving onto the next generator is a fantastic option for running your home in case of a power outage this season or any other – Briggs & Stratton! Let’s take a look at some advantages of the PowerPRotext 26k Standby Generator:

  • This machine works with multiple fuel options. Whether you have natural gas or liquid propane available, there is no need to worry as both will work to put power back in your home.
  • Although this generator is a part of the residential line, the PowerProtect comes with a commercial-grade Vanguard engine, meaning you never have to worry about producing enough reliable power.
  • Briggs & Stratton ensures that all its machines are coated with a corrosion-resistant enclosure and base. Even in the wildest midwest weather events, the automotive-grade galvanneal steel base and aluminum enclosure keep your lifeline safe.

An excellent choice indeed! Let’s look at the last generator on this list that will keep you safe.


Kohler is a household name known for making products that we can all rely on, and their generators are no exception. Kohler residential generators are a perfect solution if you’re caught in a pinch and your home needs to be powered back up. To keep up with the previous models mentioned above, we’ll analyze Kohler’s 24k Generator:

  • This model is quick! This generator works to ensure your home is back up and running in just 10 seconds from when your power is cut.
  • We love machines that come with multiple fuel options! This generator also allows two different fuel options – liquid propane and natural gas.
  • This generator is among the quietest in the industry. At full operation, this model makes a sound at 61 decibels.

With these options presented, it’s clear that you don’t have to worry about the power going out if you have one of these connected to your home!

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