A Quick Guide to Common Generator Repairs

When it comes to blackouts, you’ve probably invested in a generator for your home or business. While this is normal in Indiana, we don’t expect our backup generators to give out on us when we need them the most.

The Purpose of a Generator

A residential or commercial backup generator is installed outside your home or business and permanently wired into the electrical system. They’re meant to protect you automatically when the power goes out for whichever reason.

Common Generator Repairs

Although you wouldn’t expect a new generator to give you any issues, as with any machinery, certain repairs might need to be done over time. Here are some of the most common generator issues you may come across.

Issues With Faulty or Damaged Components

Wiring of any kind will eventually corrode, fray, or accidentally get cut. Some of the signs of defective wiring to look out for include:


  • Low voltage warnings
  • Malfunctioning gauges
  • Breakers tripping


Another common issue that can cause your generator to fail is damage to the circuit board. This damage can be caused by:


  • Bugs or other animals
  • Power surges
  • Lightning

Issues With Your Fuel

When your generator stops running, the first thing you may think of is that you’ve run out of fuel. While this could be an issue, even allowing your fuel levels to run too low could lead to generator failures. If your generator doesn’t have sufficient fuel to pull, air could get into the system and hoses.


Another issue that can affect your generator fuel is contamination from algae, bacteria, or sediments. If any of these get sucked into the system, they can result in poor generator performance and blocked fuel lines.

Battery Issues

The battery is a vital component of any generator. When it fails to support the overall performance of your generator, it can be the result of:


  • Your battery being too old
  • Your battery not charging properly
  • Corroded battery terminals

Coolant Leaks

Your generator is equipped with a cooling system to maintain proper temperatures to run smoothly. Unfortunately, as you use your generator, excessive temperatures can wear and tear the coolant hoses. Leaks in the coolant system will cause your generator to overheat, and it will automatically shut off. 

The Importance of Generator Maintenance

Issues with your generator will most likely occur over time. So what’s going to keep your generator at optimal levels for any blackout? The key is getting your generator maintenance periodically. When generators receive regular maintenance, you will extend their shelf life and guarantee that they will function properly every time you need them.


Regular generator maintenance will address the most common generator issues by including:


  • Oil and coolant level checks
  • Cleaning and replacing air filters
  • Examining spark plugs
  • Checking the fuel regularly

The Solution You Can Count On

Not sure what the problem is with your generator? Midwest Generator Solutions are the generator experts you can count on for any of your generator repair needs. Whether residential or commercial, we specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of standby and emergency backup generators in Indiana.


Contact us today or call us at 317-831-8677 for a free quote!


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