Get Connected with Backup Generator Apps

backup generator apps

Remember the commercials a few years back that brought smartphone apps into the spotlight with the famous, “there’s an app for that” saying? Especially now, we rely on our phones and other devices for more than we might even realize. We schedule haircuts, order groceries, keep track of our kids’ soccer schedules, and check work emails all from one device. There really IS an app for that!

So, why should your home generator be any different? Well, guess what! It’s not! That’s right, there’s an app for that, too. As technology has continued to evolve, even generator manufacturers have seen the growing demand for homeowners to stay connected to all functioning systems in their homes – generators included. Now, more than ever, protecting your home with a backup generator is even easier thanks to these backup generator apps.

Generac Mobile Link

mobile linkMobile Link is a remote monitoring subscription service for your Generac residential backup generator. It is quickly and easily installed on your generator and connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Mobile Link constantly monitors the status of your generator and transfers this data to your online account. You can access and share the status of your generator at any time through the Mobile Link app.

Mobile Link Features

  • View your generator’s status and maintenance needs
  • Set its exercise schedule
  • Review its running and maintenance history
  • Get notified of status changes
  • Check on your generator while you are away
  • Automatically receive alerts from your generator on your device
  • Automatically send alerts directly to your generator maintenance professional


backup generator appsKOHLER OnCue Home Generator Management System is a set of software and apps that can be connected to your KOHLER generator to allow you to stay connected with your generator while you are away. Like Mobile Link, OnCue constantly monitors your generator’s status and will alert you (or your generator maintenance professional) immediately if any problems are detected.

OnCue Plus Features

  • Get real-time status updates on your KOHLER generator
  • Manage your entire system, including generator, automatic transfer switch (ATS), Load Control Module (LCM), and Programmable Interface Module (PIM) from your device
  • With the PIM, automatically turn items such as appliances, outdoor lighting and storm shutters on and off from anywhere in the world where there is broadband internet service and/or cellular phone service
  • Receive instant generator updates via text or email
  • Observe, clear/reset and review time-stamped fault code history
  • Connect with your generator maintenance professional when service is needed

Briggs & Stratton InfoHub

backup generator appsInfoHub is a mobile monitoring app for your Briggs & Stratton standby generator. Like MobileLink, InfoHub is a monthly or yearly subscription service to keep you connected to your generator, no matter where you are.

InfoHub Features

Puts you in control of your standby generator no matter where you go

  • Monitor your generator’s status from your computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Compatible with any B&S standby generator system manufactured after 2005
  • Keeps you informed of the generator’s status and maintenance needs
  • Customize how your generator communicates with you
  • User friendly custom web platform made for easy navigation


We can help! From deciding which type of generator is right for your needs, to installation, maintenance, and helping you find the backup generator apps that are compatible with your generator, we can do it all. Connect with us today to get started.