Backup Generators Through the Seasons

backup generators through the seasons

In Indiana, the weather can change in an instant. Thanks to our ever-changing weather, it seems there is no season when we’re immune to severe weather and the resulting power outages. A home with a backup generator, however, has a defense during a storm. No matter the season, a backup generator gives you peace of mind.


Although we can certainly experience severe weather at any time of year, most severe storms come during spring. Tornadoes, thunderstorms and flash flooding are common issues we face here in Southern Indiana during the spring. With these storms, we often see downed power lines or fallen trees that can lead to power outages. In some cases, these power outages can last several days, leaving thousands without power. This can also lead to flooded basements and no way to dry the area until power is restored.


Indiana summers can be HOT. And while the heat wave itself won’t cause a power outage, it will cause people to crank up the air conditioning in their homes. Increased electricity consumption combined with high temperatures can lead to power outages. For many people, especially in a household with children or elderly, extreme heat during a blackout can be dangerous.


Temperatures become milder in the fall, but this doesn’t mean we’re clear of severe weather. In fact, fall in Indiana is considered a secondary storm season. Last fall was fairly quiet, but November of 2017 brought multiple rounds of severe weather. On one of those occasions, three tornadoes touched down, with top wind speeds of 134 mph. When this type of weather strikes, we can almost always expect a power outage.


Winter in Indiana certainly brings its share of severe weather. A winter power failure brings with it the possibility of frozen water pipes. When the water in a pipe freezes, it expands and causes the pipes to burst. When the temperatures rise again and the ice thaws, those burst pipes can pour thousands of gallons of water into the home. If no one is home to turn off the water main, the result is a catastrophe. Even if someone is home during a power outage, a home without access to supplemental heat could become dangerous as the outage wears on.

Backup Generators Give Peace of Mind All Year Long

No matter the weather, constant access to electricity from a backup generator brings security and peace of mind. In spring, flooding can be prevented and remedied. During summer, extreme indoor heat can be avoided. In fall, the threat of power outages isn’t so daunting. And in winter, extreme cold loses its chill. The trained technicians and electricians at Midwest Generator Solutions are ready to help. Give us a call today to get started.

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