Backup Generator Saves Local Businesses from Power Outage Losses

power outage losses

It seems that we don’t really notice how much we rely on electricity until the power is out. Most modern businesses can’t function long without the use of items such as computers, lights, and manufacturing equipment. Power outage losses can affect local businesses in a variety of ways. Each of these ways can have an impact on productivity and your bottom line. Fortunately, Midwest Generator Solutions has got your back.

How does a power outage affect a business?

Decreased employee productivity

One obvious result of power loss at your business is decreased employee productivity. When your employees don’t have access to their computers and Wi-Fi – not to mention lights and other equipment – they aren’t able to complete their work.

Loss of sales

Another obvious result of a power outage is the loss of sales and revenue. If your business doesn’t have power, you have no choice but to close the doors until power is restored. Allowing customers in your business without power could lead to liability issues. One power outage might not be that big of a deal but recovering from a damaged reputation can have longer-lasting effects. Repairing a damaged reputation can be a costly uphill battle.

Loss of stored computer data

Power outages are one of the top reasons data loss occurs. Computers and operating systems are complex and need to shut down properly, but power outages cause computers to shut down unexpectedly. Any file you were working on that wasn’t saved before the power outage could be become lost or corrupted.

Damaged equipment

Power surges aren’t uncommon, and they can be very damaging for electronics. They can even become a fire hazard. The most common cause of power surges is – you guessed it – a power outage. A power surge is a spike in the electrical current, which can happen when the power is cut off and abruptly back on. Not having a proper backup power supply or protection from power surges can cause long-term damage to computers and other equipment and reduce their lifespan. If your equipment is damaged, your options are to pay to have them repaired, or pay to have them replaced. Either way, you know it’ll affect your bottom line.

Protect your business from power outage losses with a backup generator.

Anyone who owns a business can tell you this – your business is your baby. It’s always at the top of your mind. Protecting your business in a power outage is more than just keeping the lights on. It’s more than making sure you don’t have to throw out the food in the freezer. It’s protecting your reputation, your livelihood, and ultimately – your family.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution – a backup generator for your business. Give us a call today to see how we can help you select the right generator to meet the needs of your business.


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