How to Choose the Right Backup Generator

Most of the time, power outages occur without warning and can cause a major disruption to the daily operation of our home life. An extended power outage can be more than a disruption – it can become quite costly, and even dangerous. Backup generators for your home can ensure that you’ll have power when your family needs it most.

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a backup generator.

Determine how much power you need.

Backup generators are designed in a way that lets you allocate power to just the parts of your home that would be necessary during a power outage. For example, you likely don’t need power to every outlet and appliance in your home during an outage, but would want to send that power to the HVAC and kitchen instead. Decide which rooms and appliances you’ll want powered. This will tell you the generator’s load, and will help ensure you choose the right size generator. (If you’re unsure about how much power you need, give the pros at Midwest Generator Solutions a call. We can help!)

Decide which fuel source you’ll use.

Typically, standby generators run on one of three fuel types – natural gas, diesel fuel, or propane. Each fuel source has its pros and cons to consider. However, we’ve found that it’s often best to choose a generator that will work well with a fuel source that you already use at your home. This way, you can avoid added costs of installing fuel lines in addition to the generator costs.

Choose the right generator installer.

We’re big DIYers ourselves, and love to see some great DIY home projects, but we don’t recommend installing a generator on your own. Especially with larger electrical projects, finding a licensed and qualified professional is key to a job done right and, most importantly, safely. The team at Midwest Generator Solutions have years of experience in electrical work, generator installation and maintenance, and can make sure your generator will be running perfectly each time you need it.

Plan on backup generator maintenance.

Finally, it’s important to decide ahead of time how you’ll maintain your backup generator. Like any larger or more important investment, you’ll want to be sure it’s useful for years down the road. After all, what good is a generator to you if it doesn’t work when you need it? Midwest Generator Solutions offers a generator maintenance package, so you can rest assured that your family will be protected during the next power outage.

Still have questions?

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