Does My Restaurant Need a Backup Generator?

backup generator for your restaurant

As a restaurant owner, you understand the importance providing your customers with a pleasurable dining experience. The quality of service, the presentation of food, and the ambiance of the dining room are all important. But what if there is a power outage during business hours? Will you continue to serve your customers? Are you forced to close your doors until the lights come back on? Do you have an emergency plan?

That’s where a backup generator for your restaurant comes in. A commercial backup generator protects your business automatically. It is professionally installed outside the building and permanently wired into the building’s electrical system. It sits outside your business just like a central air conditioning unit and delivers power directly to your business’ electrical system when needed, whether you are open or closed, automatically!

A backup generator for your restaurant can power as much or as little as you need during a power outage. For example, it can power only your restaurant equipment such as freezers and coolers, or it can power the entire building. Cash registers, beverage equipment, utilities, security systems, and other appliances can receive power.

A backup generator for your restaurant can prevent the loss of food.

You already know how important the quality of your food is to your bottom line. However, you also know the importance of food-handling laws in the industry. They require all food be fresh and kept in efficient storage areas. If your frozen or refrigerated foods aren’t at the proper temperature, they have to be thrown out. This can mean substantial financial loss. With a backup generator for your restaurant, uninterrupted power ensures your freezers and coolers continue to operate, even if power goes out in the rest of the neighborhood.

A backup generator for your restaurant can allow your business to stay open during a power outage.

If the power is out at your restaurant, it is likely that the power is out all over the neighborhood and in other areas around town. With the uninterrupted power provided by your restaurant’s backup generator, you are able keep your doors open even while other businesses are forced to close. Customers who are dealing with power outages at home may be searching for a hot meal while they wait for their electricity to return. If your business is open, guess what? They can come to your restaurant!

A backup generator for your restaurant can help maintain comfort and safety during emergencies.

If the power outage is caused by inclement weather, it is important that you are able to provide a safe environment for your employees and customers. Not only will this help to reduce potential liability issues, but it will help maintain your reputation.

Backup generator sales, installation, and maintenance in Indiana

When you’ve chosen to give yourself the peace of mind that comes with the installation of a new commercial generator, it’s important to make sure it is properly installed and regularly maintained. When bad weather hits and utilities to your business are compromised, you’ll be glad your backup generator is working properly. With a team of trained professionals who have been servicing both residential generators and commercial generators for over 5 years, you know your generator installation and generator maintenance is in good hands when you choose Midwest Generator Solutions.

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