Fall is Secondary Storm Season in Indiana

storm season in indiana

Fall may have arrived here in Indiana, but that doesn’t mean we’re clear of the threat of severe weather. While spring is the most active time for severe thunderstorms, autumn brings another heightened risk of severe weather. In fact, if we examine data from the 1950s until now, we notice a secondary spike in severe storms and tornado activity across Central Indiana in the months of October and November.

Fall is secondary storm season in Indiana. Autumn 2018 was fairly quiet by way of storms, but November of 2017 brought multiple rounds of severe weather. During one of those storms, three tornadoes touched down. One of those was rated an EF-2 with top winds of 143 mph.

Severe Weather Causes Power Outages

From downed power lines, fallen trees, and high winds alone, we can almost always expect power outages from these storms, no matter which season we’re in. And if there’s anything a power outage reminds us of, it’s our dependence on electricity. Without power, we are not only inconvenienced, but may very well be put in harm’s way as well.

  • Our homes may sustain property damage from power surges or flooding.
  • Fewer daylight hours limits our visibility both indoors and outdoors.
  • Cooler weather increases our need for a backup heat source.
  • Loss of power to freezers and refrigerators means loss of food.

Install a Backup Generator this Fall

Severe thunderstorms during the fall can be just as violent as those in the spring, bringing the threat of tornadoes, damaging winds, and flooding downpours. Although we can’t expect to control Mother Nature, we can have some control over a power outage thanks to a backup generator.

Backup generators give us much more than the convenience of wifi or a microwave. They bring us peace of mind that our home’s sump pump will continue to function and prevent a flooded basement. They give us access to a heat source during frigid temperatures. And we have the security that comes with being able to maintain a routine even during a storm.

Now is a great time to have a backup generator installed at your home. At Midwest Generator Solutions, we are a team of licensed electricians trained and skilled in the sales, installation, and maintenance of backup generators. We’ll guide you through every step of the process to give you the security you want during a storm. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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