Generac Home Generator Installation Cost

Every year that comes seems to increase the variety and amount of natural disasters and other extreme weather conditions. Only those who have gone through one of these acts of nature can understand the gravity of the situation. They will also know how essential it is to have a backup generator installed.

Generac Home Generators

For home generators, the name that comes to the mind of most people is Generac. Founded back in 1959, Generac has accomplished a couple of firsts in its history, including:

  • The first company to engineer affordable standby generators for your home
  • The first to develop an engine specifically for the rigors of generator use

When it comes to the #1 brand in home backup power, Generac home generators come equipped with:

  • OHVI® Engine
  • Quiet Test Mode
  • Environmentally friendly components
  • Housings made from durable aluminum material

Generac brings you the next generation of generators with Wi-Fi. Equipping your Generac home generator with this feature will allow you to have the Mobile Link™ remote monitoring system, which will:

  • Check on your generator’s status from anywhere
  • Share information about your generator
  • Get notifications about a change in your generator’s status

Installing Cost For a Generac Home Generator

A Generac home generator can range from as low as $2,000 up to about $30,000, depending on how much of your home you need to run. Before installing your generator, you should calculate the size of the right generator to fit your needs.

Once you have the right generator, you can calculate how much it will cost to install your home generator. In most cases, the amount of money you spend on your generator will be about the same amount spent on installation costs.

Some of the things that will increase your installation costs include:

  • Who installs your unit
  • Generator requirements
  • Location

Who Installs Your Unit

Homeowners understand that any project will come with various costs. For this reason, many try to do a project themselves or find someone who has some knowledge on the matter. 

Installation of a home generator entails an in-depth knowledge of electrical wiring. Avoid future risks of home fires by hiring a generator-certified technician that will have electrical experience.

Generator Requirements

Generac offers a wide range of generators that can be stationary or portable. The choice you make will determine:

  • Type of fuel source. Stationary (standby) generators run on natural gas or propane gas, so installing a fuel tank is needed to run these generators. Portable generators will come equipped with a gas tank that you can refill when necessary.
  • Need for a transfer switch. A standby generator sometimes comes equipped with a transfer switch, or the cost includes the price of one. Portable generators will require the installation of a transfer switch.


The location of your home will also affect the installation costs of a home generator. For example, for homes located in Indiana State, generators will need to have a cold-weather kit installed for those freezing outside temperatures. Also, keep in mind the different code regulations required by each state/county.

The location of your actual home generator can also increase installation costs. The closer it can be put to the electric and gas meters, the cheaper the cost. The generator requires flat ground, so the unleveled ground will need additional work as well.

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