Do I Need a Propane Tank Monitor for My Generator?

propane tank monitor

Liquid propane fuel is used to power as many as 40 percent of all home standby generators in the US. Propane needs to be replenished after use to be sure that the tank has enough fuel in it to support the generator’s fuel needs during a power outage. For years, this meant that for many homeowners, the fuel level was simply a guess. But in our technology-driven world, there is a better way.

What is a propane tank monitor?

A propane tank monitor, specifically the Tank Utility monitor, is a homeowner-friendly solution to monitoring the fuel levels in a liquid propane tank. There are two main parts of Tank Utility that function together to allow the monitor to work: the monitoring hardware and the online app.

tank utility app

The Tank Utility monitoring hardware can be installed on the liquid propane fuel tank in under 10 minutes, without any tools. This means that most homeowners can complete the installation themselves. The device then connects to the internet via the home’s existing Wi-Fi network. From there, the hardware is configured via the Tank Utility app which is available for both Andriod and iOS devices.

Through the app, the homeowner has access to important information about their fuel tank levels. This information is updated on the app every six hours, so it is always up-to-date and accurate.

The Tank Utility app helps homeowners gauge their fuel usage by studying historical data on the app. Looking at trends on the app will give the user additional insight into how much fuel is used and when. This allows the homeowner to predict future fuel usage and more effectively work with fuel suppliers to schedule refills.

Users can configure the app to send alerts directly to their phone or tablet so that they are notified when their propane tank is running low. This helps avoid the need for guessing when it comes to fuel levels, and the user can rest assured their generator will have enough fuel to make it through a power outage.

Do I need a propane tank monitor for my generator?

A propane generator can still be used without a propane tank monitor. However, we certainly believe a monitor will make your job as a generator owner easier. Simply hoping you have enough fuel for your standby generator to make it through the next power outage isn’t the best emergency preparedness strategy. After all, running out of fuel is as good as having no generator at all. Luckily, the propane tank monitor takes the guesswork out of propane fuel levels for your standby generator. You know your generator will always be ready to use when you need it.

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