How do Dual Fuel Generators Work?

When disaster strikes, the loss of electricity can put lives in danger. Life-saving equipment in hospitals will be rendered useless, and a lack of electricity will turn off household heaters, among other dangers. A generator can make all the difference and save lives in the process.

But your generator needs gasoline, and trying to procure it in an emergency can be difficult. If you can make it to a gas station, you might find their service suspended, massive lines, or supply issues.

Gasoline is the go-to fuel type for generators, is reliable, and generates a lot of wattages, but it isn’t ideal in an emergency.

You need a generator that works with multiple fuel sources.

What is a Dual Fuel Generator?

As the name suggests, a dual fuel generator is designed to operate on more than one type of fuel–most usually gasoline and propane, but diesel and natural gas generators are available.

A dual fuel generator will be able to run on both types of fuel at the same time or either fuel source independently. This makes it different from a bi-fuel generator, which can use either fuel but never together.

Versatility is the main difference between dual fuel and standard generators. The dual-fuel option allows you the flexibility to perfectly calibrate the two fuels together to get the exact wattage, lifespan, noise level, etc., that you need for your situation while also not tying you down to one specific type of fuel.

How are Gasoline and Propane Different?


  • Higher wattage and longer runtime
  • Possible spillage and fire risks
  • Difficult to procure during emergencies
  • Shelf life is limited to 3-6 months


  • Less wattage and shorter runtime
  • Easy to keep a stock for emergencies
  • Securely stored in a tank with few risks
  • Shelf life is 12 years

Why Use a Dual Fuel Generator?

  • Extended Generator Time–If one fuel source is expended, you can switch to another, which gives you longer uptime in an emergency.
  • Versatile Generator Usage–Since gasoline and propane have different properties and excel at different tasks, you can easily utilize the same generator for various different situations.
  • Increased Savings–Since propane is cheaper than gas, you’re able to save money by only utilizing gasoline when you need heavy energy generation.
  • Durability and Mobility– Most dual fuel generators are designed to be portable. They’ll come equipped with a handle and wheels and be encased in a sturdy frame.
  • Simplicity–These generators are designed to be easy to use, with little maintenance. For most, switching between fuels can be as easy and turning a switch.

How To Choose Your Dual Fuel Generator?

Don’t be caught unprepared during an emergency. Instead, get peace of mind with the right generator for your needs. With so many different makes and models on the market, consult with the professionals–Midwest Generator Solutions.

Our family-owned and operated business has been installing, maintaining, and servicing Generators in the midwest for years and provides both commercial and residential service.

We’ll make sure your family has the right generator, dual fuel or otherwise, to keep your life powered no matter the circumstance.


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