Natural Gas vs. Diesel: The Benefits of Natural Gas Generators

Natural Gas vs. Diesel: The Benefits of Natural Gas Generators, Benefits, Midwest Generator Solutions

Natural gas is a flammable gas consisting of methane, nitrogen, and carbon. It’s collected from gas pockets inside the earth, and is processed to produce products like propane, ethane, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.

What is Natural Gas Used For?

In the 19th and 20th centuries, consumers sued natural gas to light houses and streetlights. Today, we use natural gas to produce heat, electricity, and to power vehicles. Because of its abundance and relative cleanliness when burned (compared to other fossil fuels), we’ve relied upon natural gas more heavily for electricity production and as a power source for generators and other machinery.

Contrasting Natural Gas and Diesel Generators

Natural gas generators work similarly to other machinery like diesel generators. However, they have a major advantage over diesel generators in that they produce less pollution. And they have other advantages over diesel, too. Natural gas:

  • Is less expensive than other nonrenewable fuels
  • Emits less sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, specifically
  • Is widely available in larger cities via pipelines

Diesel generators are typically divided into two parts — a diesel engine and an electrical generator — and are sometimes used to power homes not supported by a power grid. These generators are extremely common in large establishments but can be found in homes and small offices as well.  Although reliable and although they tend to last longer than natural gas generators when properly maintained, they come with disadvantages:

  • They can have difficulty starting in cold weather
  • When burned, diesel fuel produces heavy pollution, and diesel generators require scrubbing technologies to clean the fumes
  • Diesel fuel requires attention, or it will go bad
  • Diesel engines requite greater attention and maintenance than natural gas generators

Other Benefits of Natural Gas Generators

Operating In Extreme Weather Conditions

Natural gas generators provide the ability to operate during weather and other crisis situations. Weather situations typically don’t hinder the performance of natural gas generators because of the underground pipelines which transport the fuel. Unlike diesel generators, natural gas generators allow for a long-term running time because they don’t need to be constantly refueled.

Reliability and Maintenance

Natural gas continuously flows from an underground infrastructure of pipelines, making it reliable and always available. However, owners of natural gas generators need to maintain their machinery if they want it to continue to operate efficiently.

Because natural gas generators don’t have fuel tanks, unlike diesel generators, owners don’t have to worry about fuel contamination or corrosion. However, they still to maintain the generator. Maintenance ensures there will be fuel during power outages. A well-maintained natural gas tank also helps owners avoid extra costs for repairs and ensures the natural gas remains contained.

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