Is Professional Generator Installation Really Necessary?

professional generator installation

Safety is one of the main reasons that homeowners choose to have a backup generator installed at their homes. Loss of power during extreme weather can not only make for uncomfortable conditions indoors but can become dangerous in certain situations, especially in homes with children or elderly. For those who rely on powered medical equipment, a loss of power can even be life-threatening. Many homeowners use their generator simply as added protection of security and peace of mind during a blackout. Choosing professional generator installation is a way to ensure this safety remains.

Can I Install a Backup Generator Myself?

While an avid DIYer may be tempted to try to complete a generator installation on their own, this is not recommended for several reasons.

A professional installation will ensure that the generator’s warranty will not become void due to installation problems.

If your generator comes with a warranty, be sure to read it thoroughly. Many issues with generators could have been prevented by proper installation, and manufactures are privy to this. That is why many warranties only apply on generators that have been installed by a licensed electrician.

It may be unsafe (and even illegal) for you to install a generator yourself.

Many generators operate on natural gas. Attempting to complete a natural gas generator installation by yourself could lead to major problems, and even be illegal. In many areas, it is illegal for anyone who isn’t professionally licensed to work on an appliance connected to a gas main. An improper natural gas generator installation can lead to a gas leak, explosion, or poisoning the air inside your home.

A professional will know all local and national codes.

For someone who doesn’t work with generators and electrical equipment every day, trying to review all national and local codes is a daunting task. A professional will already know the ins and outs of codes, ordinances, and restrictions in your area. This will save you time, hassle, and money down the road.

A professional will have access to all necessary tools and equipment to complete the job.

Any DIYer can tell you a job always goes smoother with the right tools. Without access to the proper equipment, generator installation will be slow, difficult, and could even be dangerous. On the other hand, a professional will carry all of the tools and equipment to complete the installation quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Overlooking a small detail in the installation can lead to dangerous problems.

A generator is a powerful piece of equipment. If not installed properly to the electrical system of the home, it can lead to serious problems, such as shorting out the entire system. This leads to costly repairs and fire hazards. A professional will oversee the whole process and take care of those little details: things that might not occur to a layman, but an experienced electrician will know as a matter of course.

Professional Standby Generator Installation in Indianapolis

If you, like so many homeowners, are installing a backup generator for safety reasons, hiring a professional is really the only way to go. You’re sure to save yourself a lot of time and hassle down the road. For professional standby generator installation in Indianapolis, contact Midwest Generator Solutions today.

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