Analyzing the Benefits of a Propane Generator

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Propane is a flammable, colorless gas present in natural gas and is used as a bottled fuel. Propane integrates itself as an important part of America’s mix, remaking itself into a byproduct of natural gas processing and oil refining. Propane differs from gasoline for multiple reasons, which makes propane generators a better choice for standby power than gasoline generators.

What makes Propane special?

It’s Clean

Industries across America use propane in residential fields, professional landscape equipment, agriculture equipment, off-road vehicles, and industrial fields. Approved as a clean fuel listed in the Clean Air Act of 1990, propane was named as a factor in deterring the effects of air pollution on the environment and human health.

It’s All American

The production of Propane proved to be a leading source of quality jobs in our country. As of 2012, more than 145,000 employees worked in the trade, wholesale, and sales of propane gas.

It’s Abundant

The U.S. maximized propane production, becoming the leading producer. The overproduction of propane led to a clean-burning alternative to gasoline, diesel, and addressed energy challenges with developing long-term renewable technologies.

Benefits of Propane Generators

Propane generators combat fuel and maintenance costs. Although gasoline generators are popular for their affordability, size, and availability, propane generators have less of an impact on the environment, and the propane fuel can be stored for a long time. These generators are also better than gasoline generators for emergency situations because:

  • Propane fuel is available even when gas pumps are no longer running.
  • Propane is stored in individual or bulk cylinders as a safety precaution.
  • The shelf life of propane is considered limitless, but gasoline can begin to degrade after a few months without stabilizers.
  • An unused propane generator will not be full of contamination or carbon deposits like a gasoline generator.

Also, being a gas, propane has no risk of spilling. Because tanks with security valves are the main storage unit of propane, the safety valves allow no spillage or waste during full-ups. Hook up is simple and easy as you connect the tank to the generator with a hose and open the valve to let the fuel flow. It’s important to research all rules and guidelines for ventilation before utilizing any type of generator to ensure the safety of whomever is around the machine.

Running a Generator on Natural Gas and Propane

Researchers have found that running a generator on natural gas and propane allows the engine to last longer, run more efficiently in cold weather, and start quickly in an emergency, no matter how long it has been dormant. A few of the beneficial factors include:

  • Generators run on longer, uninterrupted cycles
  • A connection to big tanks or a natural gas pipeline
  • Clean-burning alternative fuel helps extend engine life

If you are looking for an affordable, environmentally friendly propane generator system, contact Midwest Generator Solutions for a free quote or help in protecting your business, home, and family with a safe and affordable backup generator system. Don’t wait until the next storm hits to look for a propane generator.



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