Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Install a Backup Generator

perfect time to install a generator

Sure, April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring severe thunderstorms and power outages. If you’ve lived in central Indiana for long, you know just how true that can be. While we are, of course, happy to install a generator for our customers at any time of year, spring really is the perfect time to have your backup generator installed. Here are a few reasons why.

Unpredictable Weather in the Spring

Although any Hoosier can tell you that weather in Indiana is almost always unpredictable, the transitions from one season to the next can be an especially rough few weeks. Spring is particularly notorious for having nasty mood swings. High 70s on Monday, severe thunder storms on Tuesday, and temps in the 30s on Wednesday. Even if the weather is unpredictable, you can still count on one thing: that you will still have power, even during a blackout.

Increase in Power Outages in the Spring

Indiana’s unpredictable weather can be more than just annoying. It often causes an increase in power outages. Although power outages aren’t just caused by weather alone, high winds and frequent thunder storms of the spring months leave Indiana homeowners vulnerable to power outages. This makes spring a great time to own a generator.

Indiana Experiences More Power Outages Than Other States

According to this report, Indiana is ranked number 10 in a list of states that experience the most power outages. That means that Indiana experiences power outages more often than 80% of the country. So even if we take unpredictable weather out of the equation, Indiana is still going to deal with a lot of outages.

Quicker Installation in the Spring

Now, I know I’ve been hating on Indiana’s spring weather a bit in the last few paragraphs. But the truth is, Indiana is still home to some beautiful spring days. (You just have to make sure to get them before they’re gone!) It’s these spring days that allow homeowners to complete outdoor projects much easier than they could in the winter. Generator installation is no exception, and spring is a great time to get the ball rolling on having your generator installed.

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