Ask Midwest Generator Solutions – Standby Generator FAQ’s Part 1

standby generator faq's

Just like with any new device or piece of equipment, it’s important to do your research when investing in a new generator for your home or business. And, if you already have a generator, understanding how it operates will be important in understanding how to maintain it properly. Here are a few standby generator FAQ’s to help you get a better understanding of backup generators.

1. How much does a standby generator cost to operate?

Cost to operate your standby generator depends on which fuel type you choose, and how much electricity you while it is providing power. Home generators typically run on either propane or natural gas, so consider the cost of these fuel types when choosing a backup generator.

2. Does the standby generator provide power to my whole home or just a few appliances?

You can choose to have your standby generator power as many or as few circuits as needed. Some people opt to have power only to their kitchen and furnace, for example. Some opt to power the entire home. You can have a backup generator installed to run just what you need and want. Our experts can help you choose what is right for you.

3. How do I know my generator is working?

Your generator will run a self-diagnostic about once a week, for around 10-20 minutes, depending on the type of generator you choose. This won’t transfer any power to your home, but it is a critical cycle for the generator to self-diagnose any issues that could prevent the system from providing backup power when it really counts. Some types of generator models allow you to set the time and day when your generator runs its self-check cycle.

4. Can I install the generator myself?

While a true DIYer may feel confident enough to install a generator themselves, this is not recommended, and could lead to serious problems, such as generator issues, or even electric shock or electrocution. For safety reasons, and to ensure that you adhere to all state and local codes, it is recommended that you only have your generator installed by an authorized dealer of the generator brand you choose. Be sure that the company you choose for the installation uses only certified electricians to perform the work.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting and answering more standby generator FAQ’s for you, so stay tuned.

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