Backup Generator Saves Local Businesses from Power Outage Losses

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It seems that we don’t really notice how much we rely on electricity until the power is out. Most modern businesses can’t function long without the use of items such as computers, lights, and manufacturing equipment. Power outage losses can affect local businesses in a variety of ways. Each of these ways can have an […]

Prepare Your Commercial Generator for Winter

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Summer has finally turned to fall here in Indiana, and the weather is out to prove it. It won’t be long at all before the fallen leaves turn to snow, and we wake to frozen mornings. Now is the time to prepare your commercial generator for winter. Why do I need to winterize my commercial […]

Top Four Myths About Commercial Generators Debunked

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When it comes to buying a generator (or anything, for that matter) for your business, you need all the facts you can get. Unless you have a degree in engineering, it is likely that you will have to spend some time researching which commercial generator is right for you. During your research, you will probably uncover some very valuable – and not so valuable – information. And like anything, being able to decipher which information is true and which is a myth is important. Here are the top four myths about commercial generators, debunked.

Backup Power Generators for Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

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Of all of the industries that shouldn’t go without access to backup power, a healthcare facility probably tops the list. Of course, no business owner wants to miss opportunities for sales or productivity, but for an assisted living or nursing home, the loss could be far greater than just a few dollars. In some states, […]

Does My Restaurant Need a Backup Generator?

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As a restaurant owner, you understand the importance providing your customers with a pleasurable dining experience. The quality of service, the presentation of food, and the ambiance of the dining room are all important. But what if there is a power outage during business hours? Will you continue to serve your customers? Are you forced to close your doors until the lights come back on? Do you have an emergency plan?

Backup Generators for Hotels

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Ensuring the comfort and safety of your customers is critical to building a positive reputation for your hotel. But a power outage can cost you more than just a few dollars – the damage could even cost you your entire business. You can lose power for a variety of reasons, including storms, electrical infrastructure maintenance […]

Commercial Generators Important for Manufacturers

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Commercial Generators According to the National Association of Manufacturers, there were 251,901 manufacturing firms in the United States in 2014. All but 3,749 of them employed less than 500 workers. And of these small companies, 75 percent of them employed less than 20 workers. Altogether, these firms employed 12.3 million workers — 9 percent of the workforce in […]