Kohler Air Cooled Maintenance Service Agreement

Midwest Generator Solutions specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of home and commercial standby generators and emergency backup generators in Indiana.

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- 2025 1 year maintenance agreement - $275.00
(This price includes one (1) basic preventive maintenance service [one per year]. It does not include a battery replacement.)
- 3 year maintenance agreement - $825.00
(This price includes three (3) basic preventive maintenance services [one per year] including one (1) battery replacement, as needed, or on the third (3rd) year.)
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I agree - Battery Cost Clause
If the one (1) year maintenance agreement option was selected, I authorize MGS to replace the battery (as needed) while on site performing maintenance. Cost of battery, at that time, will be $150.00. An invoice for the battery replacement will follow within seven (7) days from the date of maintenance.
Terms and Conditions*
I accept and agree to all Terms and Conditions as detailed in this Maintenance Service Agreement.
I agree - Power off Clause
I authorize MGS to turn off power to my home during the testing of my generator unit. (This is not a requirement; however, it is recommended.)

Note: We are no longer accepting 1 year agreements for 2024 and all 1 year agreements submitted are for 2025.

This Maintenance Service Agreement is a contract between client and Midwest Generator Solutions consisting of essential preventive maintenance for client’s Kohler air cooled generator. Warranty and repairs are not included in this maintenance service agreement and are considered repair service. Repair service shall be billed to the client, and payment is expected upon completion. If the one (1) year option is chosen, the term of this agreement shall end December 31st of the first (1st) year. If the three (3) year option is chosen, then the term of this agreement shall end on December 31st of the third year. This agreement shall not renew automatically. Prices are subject to change without notice. No claim of damages due to termination shall arise against either party. If contract is prematurely terminated, fees are non-refundable.
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What our customers say!

Dave S.
“Midwest Generator Solutions is the best. Awesomely great service and support. They really have the annual servicing easy and painless. Call out to Lance our maintenance tech excellent job and thank you for your professionalism.”
Bradley M.
“I can attest to the integrity of this company. They are honest, helpful, and knowledgeable. Our whole house generator ran for days after the 2023 tornadoes in Morgan County and has run for hours on numerous other occasions. I highly recommend getting a generator from Midwest Generator Solutions. As for their integrity and exceptional customer service. After a recent storm outage the generator ran but there was an issue transferring back to the utility service. A utility tech believed it was the breaker in the transfer switch. I then called Midwest and spoke to Shawn who took the time to walk me through several troubleshooting steps. We were back up and running based on his expertise and willingness to help. Taking the time to help me and saving us the expense of a service call was very noble.”
Gary M.
“Both the Generac generator and Midwest Generator Solutions are great. The generator ran for 100 hours during an outage this summer with no problems. Midwest tech was great doing the yearly maintenance and checkup on unit. I highly recommend Generac and Midwest Generator Solutions.”
Sam F
“Had MGS come out and install a whole house Generac generator for us in greenfield. We lost power and now we can just continue about our day without concerns. Highly recommend this company.”
Allan W.
“We have used MGS for over 10 years with two different homes. It worked so well at our first home that when we moved to a different city that they also covered we had them install one again. My wife and I have never been without power since we went with their Generac line of home generators. We both have medical conditions and that is why we went with the home generator. Before that we lost food and had a lot of stress when the power went out. When our medical conditions changed, we knew we had to have one as it was no longer just costing us money. They installed them at both homes in a few hours with no inconvenience to us. We have them do yearly maintenance as we do with our furnace and central air providers, so we have no concerns about the generator malfunctioning.”
Pete W.
“The salesman was very knowledgeable and helpful. He gave us lots of options and recommendations, but never pressured us into a decision. The installers were very professional and personable. They asked lots of questions to make sure the generator was placed exactly where we wanted it and all of the lines were run how we wanted. After they were done, they took the time to show us how everything works and answered all of my questions. I'm very happy we chose them for our generator.”