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- 2024 1 year maintenance agreement - $275.00
(This price includes one (1) basic preventive maintenance service [one per year]. It does not include a battery replacement.)
- 3 year maintenance agreement - $825.00
(This price includes three (3) basic preventive maintenance services [one per year] including one (1) battery replacement, as needed, or on the third (3rd) year.)
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I agree - Battery Cost Clause
If the one (1) year maintenance agreement option was selected, I authorize MGS to replace the battery (as needed) while on site performing maintenance. Cost of battery, at that time, will be $125.00. An invoice for the battery replacement will follow within seven (7) days from the date of maintenance.
Terms and Conditions*
I accept and agree to all Terms and Conditions as detailed in this Maintenance Service Agreement.
I agree - Power off Clause
I authorize MGS to turn off power to my home during the testing of my generator unit. (This is not a requirement; however, it is recommended.)

This Maintenance Service Agreement is a contract between client and Midwest Generator Solutions consisting of essential preventive maintenance for client’s Kohler air cooled generator. Warranty and repairs are not included in this maintenance service agreement and are considered repair service. Repair service shall be billed to the client, and payment is expected upon completion. If the one (1) year option is chosen, the term of this agreement shall end December 31st of the first (1st) year. If the three (3) year option is chosen, then the term of this agreement shall end on December 31st of the third year. This agreement shall not renew automatically. Prices are subject to change without notice. No claim of damages due to termination shall arise against either party. If contract is prematurely terminated, fees are non-refundable.
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