Midwest Generator Solutions specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of home and commercial standby generators and emergency backup generators in Indiana.


Available Inventory

12 kw Briggs & Stratton 200 amp Model: 040626 $3749.00
12 kw Briggs & Stratton 100 amp Model: 040627 $3599.00
12 kw Briggs & Stratton 16 circuit Model: 040646 $$3549.00


10 kw Generac 100 amp Model: 7172 $2977.00
16 kw Generac 100 amp Model: 7177 $4147.00
16 kw Generac 200 amp Model: 7178 $4247.00


20 kw Kohler Model: 20RCA $4598.00
14 kw Model: 14RCA $3754.00
200 amp transfer switch RXT-JFNC-0200ASE $770.00


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Summer Sizzle or Generator Fizzle? Summer Generator Maintenance Must-Do’s

Summer is full of long, lazy days, barbecues with friends, and… the occasional summer power outage.While summer brings sunshine and fun, it can also mean extreme weather, severe heat, and more strain on the power grid, leading to unexpected outages. If you rely on a generator to keep your home powered during these times, summer…

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he Ultimate Power Outage Protection Showdown

The Ultimate Power Outage Protection Showdown: Standby vs Portable Generators

When the lights flicker off, plunging your home into darkness, the importance of power outage preparedness becomes abundantly clear. But how do you choose the ultimate defense against these electrical emergencies? Deciding between standby generators vs portable generators can be challenging, especially for newer homeowners. Today, we’ll help you pick the best emergency power generator…

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Navigating Generator Sizing

Navigating Generator Sizing: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Midwest Property 

Living in the Midwest brings with it its fair share of weather-related challenges, from blizzards to thunderstorms and everything in between. While we can’t control the weather, we can certainly prepare for it. One essential aspect of preparedness is ensuring you have a reliable backup power solution in place. Below, our generator size guide will…

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