Midwest Generator Solutions specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of home and commercial standby generators and emergency backup generators in Indiana.


Available Inventory

12 kw Briggs & Stratton 200 amp Model: 040626 $3749.00
12 kw Briggs & Stratton 100 amp Model: 040627 $3599.00
12 kw Briggs & Stratton 16 circuit Model: 040646 $$3549.00


10 kw Generac 100 amp Model: 7172 $2977.00
16 kw Generac 100 amp Model: 7177 $4147.00
16 kw Generac 200 amp Model: 7178 $4247.00


20 kw Kohler Model: 20RCA $4598.00
14 kw Model: 14RCA $3754.00
200 amp transfer switch RXT-JFNC-0200ASE $770.00


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The 3 Best Inverter Generators

Most people probably have never had to know what it is to live without electricity. But the number of people that have gone through some natural disaster keeps increasing every year.  According to the Washington Post, “the Sooner State’s tornado count climbed to 146, including the swarm of 105 during May. This number eclipses the previous record of…

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Briggs & Stratton Generator Installation Cost

Power outages are becoming more common, with an increase in natural disasters every year. Being without power can be especially dangerous during months of extreme heat or cold.  Investing in a generator now ensures your family’s safety and comfort in the future if and when a power outage occurs.  Briggs & Stratton Generators Briggs and…

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Do Generators Need Maintenance?

t’s your worst nightmare. A storm is on the horizon, and you’ve gone to power up your generator, only to find that it won’t start.  Unfortunately, the time before a storm or blackout is the least convenient time to troubleshoot problems with your generator. It’s incredibly inconvenient when you realize you could’ve easily prevented these problems…

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