What Maintenance Is Required For a Generac Generator?

When we invest in essential machines, such as a generator, we expect to enjoy the benefits for many years. The lifespan of a backup Generac generator, for example, is typically 30 years or more, depending on several factors.

One of the most vital factors that can extend the lifespan of your Generac generator is giving it the proper maintenance regularly.

Back-up Home Generators Require Periodic Maintenance

No matter the brand, all home generators require periodic maintenance to guarantee you get the most out of your machine. Generac suggests that an authorized Generac service dealer services your unit between six months to a year.

But what does proper maintenance involve for your Generac generator? First, let’s consider the key elements that require periodic maintenance.

Oil Changes

Generac standby generators need to get the oil changed regularly once a year. However, just like with your car’s oil change, the use given to your generator could require more frequent oil changes. For example, if your Generac generator is used for more than 150 hours in any given timeframe, then the oil might need to be changed at least twice a year.

These are three types of oil that are effective with Generac generators:

  • SAE 30, which is suitable for warmer climates
  • 10W-30, which is suitable for cold climates
  • Synthetic 5W-30, which is suitable for all temperatures

Spark Plugs

Some of the essential components of your Generac generator are the spark plugs, which are critical for providing backup power during outages. You don’t usually have to worry about spark plugs as often as getting your oil changed. However, these components need to be inspected on all standby Generac generators annually to see if they are functioning correctly, need to be cleaned, or replaced.


For Generac generators to run smoothly, they need to have these three primary filters inspected and replaced when needed:

  1. Oil filter – replace with each oil change to maintain excellent performance and extend the lifespan of your generator.
  2. Fuel filter – these can last many years but need always to be inspected.
  3. Air filter – fresh air intake allows your Generac generator to function correctly, so it needs to be replaced when it’s filled with debris or appears generally dirty.

Other Components That Require Maintenance

Your Generac generator will also benefit from providing these components with routine maintenance:

  • Battery and charger
  • Gas regulator
  • Coolant system
  • Alternator
  • Transfer switch

Extend The Life of Your Generator With a Generac Maintenance Kit

Who better than Generac themselves to provide the right tools for maintenance? They supply generator owners with a handy maintenance kit with all the essential components to maintain your generator.

Each maintenance kit includes:

  • An air filter
  • An oil filter
  • Funnel and chamois
  • Two quarts of synthetic oil
  • Spark plugs

At Generac.com, you can search for the maintenance kit you need depending on the model of your generator.

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