How to Connect an HVAC System to an Emergency Generator

Here in the Midwest, winter storms are just around the corner. Often, winter whiteouts lead to blackouts. Yes, severe weather usually brings with it widespread power outages. 

One of the biggest concerns for Midwest homeowners during a power outage in the cold fall and winter months is keeping their home warm. When an outage knocks out your HVAC system, the situation can quickly turn critical in below-freezing temperatures. 

If you don’t have another heat source in your home, such as a wood stove, your HVAC system is your lifeline. How can you make sure you can keep your family safe and warm even during a prolonged blackout? 

Midwest Generator Solutions offer a range of powerful residential generators fit for the job. Our brand-name emergency generators can keep your home – including your HVAC system – up and running. 

How do emergency generators operate? 

How Does a Home Generator Work?

When you purchase and install a generator through Midwest Generator Solutions, our certified technicians will permanently wire the generator into your home’s electrical system. 

Standby generators are equipped with an automatic transfer switch. With this technology, the generator can automatically turn on when the power goes out, supplying your home with uninterrupted power, even if you’re not at home. In this way, important systems in your home will keep working even during a blackout. 

“Hard-wired systems, such as a home’s furnace, well pump and air conditioner, may maintain continuous power,” says the Inter­national Association of Certified Home Inspectors on the benefits of installing a standby generator.

Whether summer or winter, when an outage hits, a hard-wired emergency generator will keep you from having to worry about how to connect a ceiling fan, space heater, or any other kind of heating and cooling equipment to your generator. 

Residential Generators That Run Your HVAC System 

A standby residential generator can enable you to maintain safe living conditions in your home during an extended power outage. 

Midwest Generator Solutions is an authorized dealer of these top-quality generator brands:

These trusted generator companies offer powerful standby emergency generators to keep your home’s HVAC system running during an outage. 

Beyond running your heating and cooling system, a standby generator can also provide continuous power to refrigerators, freezers, medical equipment, sump pumps, security systems, etc. 

Midwest Generator Company 

Disaster preparedness should be a serious consideration for every household. Rather than waiting for an emergency to develop to begin making preparations start planning now for power outages before the cold weather comes. Taking steps to prepare your home and family for disaster is not only wise but can also help you go into winter with peace of mind. 

The experts at Midwest Generator Solutions can help you find the right backup generator for your home. Once you decide on a residential generator, our experienced team will provide professional installation and train you to operate your generator safely. 

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our selection of emergency generators. 


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